Spotted at Babies R Us: Baby Clothing $1-$1.13 per pieceĀ 

Great deals at Babies R Us where they are currently offering 50% off lowest ticketed price. 

I picked up these KoalaBaby pieces. $1 each for the bodysuits and $1.13 each for the pants. ($4 for a set of 4 bodysuits and $3.39 for a set of 3 pants). 


How we booked a week at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa Ka’anapali for $218.75

If you have time, patience and dedication you can make credit cards work for you…….and drastically cut the cost of your vacations. 


Photo credit:Westin Maui

As I mentioned in this post, I’m a bit of a travel points/miles nerd. I follow professional blogs that are dedicated entirely to this topic (which I’ll link below) to learn the tips and tricks. 

When we decided to buy a new car, we opted to make large sum payments using credit cards with signup bonuses. We then paid the balance in full each month. 

Photo credit:Westin Maui

In order to achieve this week at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa Ka’anapali, both my husband and I signed up for the Starwood American Express, earning a combined total of 70,000 points (plus the points earned on two car payments of $4,000 each, bring the total points to 78,000). This earned us a week in Maui for “almost” free! We have to pay the resort fee and taxes for the week totaling $218.75. That wouldn’t even get us one night at the Westin. Our reward is for the mountain view room (of course ocean view would be preferred, but these are some of the things you give up to stay for “almost” free). Still, the view is beautiful. 

 And when you consider how expensive everything else is in Hawaii, the $3,100 we saved on this hotel can go a long way on food, activities and covering any of the flights if we don’t use miles to book. 
My favorite mile/point experts;

Mommy Points I relate to her the best, as she has small children. 

View from the Wing I really like Gary’s personality……feels like an old friend. 

One Mile at a Time

Million Mile Secrets

The Points Guy
That’s just a small sample of bloggers out there. And, I’m on the lookout for more miles/points bloggers that travel with children. Please let me know if you have some favorites. 

Happy Traveling!

How I travel for “almost” Free

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m a travel enthusiast. Over the years, I’ve looked for more ways to afford the travel I desire. It started way back in 2007 when I opened a Chase credit card and slowly earned miles. By the time 2010 rolled around, I was able to fly business class to and from Europe. Wow! What an experience. I felt that I was let into a secret world of how the rich travel.

It’s only been in the past few years I really hunkered down and became more dedicated to mile & point earning. Even so, I wasn’t able to convince my husband to “see the light” until we had a large purchase to make in 2015. During that time, we were able to earn the following;

  • 100,000 American Airline Miles
  • 70,000 SPG Points
  • 100,000 Citi Thank You Points
  • 80,000 United Miles
  • 150,000 Delta Miles
  • 140,000 Marriott Points

These points and miles were earned during credit card sign ups. This program isn’t for everyone. If you can’t pay your balance in full, keep maticioulus records and keep up with the accounting required- I’d say wait until you’re in a better place. It’s NEVER worth going into debt to earn miles and points, you’d be better off just paying for your travel.

I’m NOT an expert. I follow other bloggers to learn about the current promotions and strategies. However, I will start sharing how I earned and redeemed “free” flights and hotels through these strategies. (I say “free” because you do still have to pay taxes on flights).

Happy Traveling!

The Easy Way to Earn “FREE” Money

I bet you’ve heard of Ebates before, but are you using it? Although it took a bit of “training” to remember to use it in the beginning, it’s paying off big time. 

I’ve earned $910.63 since I opened my account a few years ago, simply by clicking through the ebates portal to shop. You can have the money sent to you via PayPal or check and you can even send the money to someone else as a gift. 

If you’re not already registered, please consider using my referral link Here.

Are you already registered, but not earning to you full potential? 

I “trained” myself to always use ebates by putting a sticky note on my computer that said “Ebates”. It was the visual reminder that I needed to remember to shop through ebates to earn my rebate. It took about a month or two, before it was a habit and I was able to remove the sticky note. 


How much have you earned though ebates?