Battle of the Beauty Boxes: February 2016 Birchbox vs. Ipsy

I recently subscribed to both Birchbox and Ipsy after a very long hiatus from both. This post just focuses on first impressions of the products I received. I’ll do reviews on items after a good amount of use. 

This month Birchbox featured;


  • REN Glyco Latic Radiance Renewal Mask
  • ModelCo Lip Enchncer Illsuion Lip Liner
  • Skin Clinical Extreme Healing 
  • Beauty Protector Leave-in Conditioner 
  • Catherine Malandrino Perfume

(Bonus for subscribing Mally Eye Crayon- I won’t include it in this review as that would be unfair)
What I’m excited about: 

  1. Beauty Protector, I’ve tried this before and really like it. 
  2. REN Mask, I’ve tried this before and I’m also in need of masks!


  1. The perfume…..tiny. 

In this months Ipsy;



  • Smashbox Primer Oil
  • Jor’el Parker
  • My Amazing Leave In Secret Conditioning Spray
  • Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
  • Paula Dorf Enchancer Baby Eyes

(Very cute makeup bag)

What I’m excited about:

  1. The Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat……it has wonderful reviews. 
  2. My Amazing Leave In Secret Conditioning Spray, my hair is so coarse and damaged. I’m always looking for a miracle product.


  1. Perfume. I don’t like perfume samples and have stated so in both profiles for Ipsy and Birchbox. 

I wasn’t thrilled with either box this month and was especially disappointed that I didn’t receive either the IT Cosmetics or The Balm. 


If you’re interested in Birchbox or Ipsy you can use these referral links. 


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