How I travel for “almost” Free

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m a travel enthusiast. Over the years, I’ve looked for more ways to afford the travel I desire. It started way back in 2007 when I opened a Chase credit card and slowly earned miles. By the time 2010 rolled around, I was able to fly business class to and from Europe. Wow! What an experience. I felt that I was let into a secret world of how the rich travel.

It’s only been in the past few years I really hunkered down and became more dedicated to mile & point earning. Even so, I wasn’t able to convince my husband to “see the light” until we had a large purchase to make in 2015. During that time, we were able to earn the following;

  • 100,000 American Airline Miles
  • 70,000 SPG Points
  • 100,000 Citi Thank You Points
  • 80,000 United Miles
  • 150,000 Delta Miles
  • 140,000 Marriott Points

These points and miles were earned during credit card sign ups. This program isn’t for everyone. If you can’t pay your balance in full, keep maticioulus records and keep up with the accounting required- I’d say wait until you’re in a better place. It’s NEVER worth going into debt to earn miles and points, you’d be better off just paying for your travel.

I’m NOT an expert. I follow other bloggers to learn about the current promotions and strategies. However, I will start sharing how I earned and redeemed “free” flights and hotels through these strategies. (I say “free” because you do still have to pay taxes on flights).

Happy Traveling!


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