Love it or Return it? Bobeau Fringe Detail Short Sleeve Top

I’m looking to add more shirts with texture and interest to my wardrobe. This shirt fit the bill, so I ordered both white and black.  

I liked both, which is odd, as I’m usually an all-black kind of girl. 


White was my favorite of the two and considering I only have 1 white shirt, that’s saying a lot. 


 Loved the fringe details. 


 The black was very nice, but the fringe detail didn’t stand out like on the white shirt. 


Unfortunately for me, both shirts were defects and had to be returned. The white shirt had a stain and the black shirt had part of the fringe missing. This is very odd for Nordstrom to send out products like this. By the time I received these shirt, both were out of stock and I couldn’t order replacements.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for a restock. 

VERDICT: Loved it! (But had to return it) 


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