In Real Life: Cole Haan Leopard Flats Review

I love reading blogs and finding inspiration for beauty, fashion and home purchases. However, beyond the initial purchase, I always wonder……..How did they like that shirt? Were the shoes as comfortable as they thought? Did the pants hold up after multiple washings?

Makeup bloggers that I follow are great about posting what worked and what didn’t work. I don’t see this with fashion bloggers (am I missing these reviews somewhere?). So, although I’m not a fashion blogger, I thought I could still give my honest feeback on how my purchases hold up in real life. 

First up, the Cole Haan Leopard Flats. Out of the box these were instantly comfortable and I didn’t foresee a breaking in period. I was wrong. I wore these for 5 hours……to the park, dinner and brief shopping. About an hour into the playing at the park, I started to feel a pinch. You can see a slight indent on the left part of my foot. (Don’t mind the peeling feet, I tried my first Korean Foot Peel which I’ll review later). 

Although this wasn’t painful, it contradicted my initial statement that I thought there would be no breaking in period. I still recommend these shoes, however, they will need a period of breaking in (boo!). 

And remember, I did spot these on sale at Nordstrom Rack last week for $75 and I paid $118 (regular price $250). At this stage in the game, I would never have paid $250 for a pair of shoes that take work to break in, but $75 is a fair price. 

***Update*** I wore these again last night and I’m happy to report so pinching or digging into the foot this time!


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