The #1 Packing Mistake I Make for Travel (and how I’m trying to stop). 

Before any vacation, I get this rush of eutrophic energy pulsing through my body. It tells me “you need new outfits!”. 

I proceed to run around at the last minute, looking for these “unicorn” clothing items. 

Without fail, I settle for something, buy it and pack it. WITHOUT DOING A TEST RUN. That’s the #1 Packing Mistake I Make. (And trying on doesn’t count. A “test run” is a half-day to full day of wear in my book). 

On my recent trip to Europe (which I packed in carryons only). I bought these shorts. They felt “ok” on, but when I wore them for just a few hours in Croatia I knew they were a mistake. I have sensory issues with waistbands on clothing (to the point they become an obsessive annoyance is they’re not “just so”). This was the case with this waistband. 

 Same goes for this dress I bought last minute. It shrunk in the wash and I was not smart enough to test run it after washing. In Rome, when I finally wore it, I was left with a very fitted dress, which is not my style. 

I ditched both the shorts and dress in Rome (I gave them to my sweet Air B&B host). And the crazy thing is I never missed either of them. These were my only shorts and my only dress for almost two weeks in Europe. I managed just fine with the remaining; 1 pants, 1 maxi skirt & 1 skirt. 

As I approach my next vacation in just a few days, I’m not making this mistake again! I’m headed to “test run” the shorts I just bought and plan on packing. 


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