Resubscriping to Ipsy: January Review

Although I’m Marie Kondoing, and she must cringe in horror at the waste of subscription boxes, I am draw to the excitement of a surprise. As a kid, I was a total sucker for any “surprise grab bag”. It was a thrill and still is (perhaps I need some more excitement in my life).

I decided I’d resubscribe and donate the products I didn’t like or need.

I won’t lie, my January bag was a let down;
On my profile, I said no to eyeliners…..yet received one.

These eyeshadows…….so unflattering on my pale skin tone.

Brushes are good, but as you saw in my recent Marie Kondo update, I had too many brushes that didn’t serve a purpose. This one is ok.


And this hand lotion….just ok. Nothing I’d buy on my own


The eye countour cream was a hit as I love to try out new potions and face lotions


For $10 I guess I’m being too picky……but I do expect that they honor my no eyeliner request! I’ll give it another month or two and reevaluate this subscription.

Was your January bag a hit or miss? If you’d like to checkout Ipsy, consider using my referral linkĀ Here.




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