The Easy Way to Earn “FREE” Money

I bet you’ve heard of Ebates before, but are you using it? Although it took a bit of “training” to remember to use it in the beginning, it’s paying off big time. 

I’ve earned $910.63 since I opened my account a few years ago, simply by clicking through the ebates portal to shop. You can have the money sent to you via PayPal or check and you can even send the money to someone else as a gift. 

If you’re not already registered, please consider using my referral link Here.

Are you already registered, but not earning to you full potential? 

I “trained” myself to always use ebates by putting a sticky note on my computer that said “Ebates”. It was the visual reminder that I needed to remember to shop through ebates to earn my rebate. It took about a month or two, before it was a habit and I was able to remove the sticky note. 


How much have you earned though ebates?


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