Love it or Return it: Bobeau Flocked Floral Top

(Disclosure: Affliate links)

My wardrobe mainly consists of blacks and other dark colors. I’m trying to branch out and introduce some more color into my wardrobe. I love the Rose color that’s all the rage and decided to give this Bobeau Flocked Floral Top a try. (Currently 40% off). The Nordstrom “True Fit” recommended a size medium for me, and it was correct. 

It looked a bit boxy, and the one review even mentioned that. However, I have a few boxy shirts I can pull off. 


The side view shows a bit more of the “danger” zone for me. Meaning, the boxy cut that can make girls with large chests look pregnant. Still, I thought it was worth a shot. I took the photos with my favorite Jolt Ponte Pants, however I’d never wear these with this shirt out in public. I was just trying to get a feel for what the shirt would look like with black pants. 

Although the pattern was cute, the Rose color wasn’t flattering on my pale skin tone. 

And ultimately, I felt that my large chest and the boxy cut of the shirt didn’t do me any favors. I think something with an average or smaller chest would look great in this. Also a thinner larger chested girl might be able to pull this off too. 

VERDICT: Return it. 

Wearing my Halogen booties (see my review here), Jolt Ponte Pants ($39) and my Fitbit Charge.


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