My favorite Essential Oil Brand. 

Living in downtown Vancouver, I walked everywhere. A couple times a week my walks would take me past Saje, where nebulizers were stationed outside on the sidewalk filling my senses with glorious scents each time I walked by. One day, I walked inside and the rest is history. 

Saje is a Canadian company founded by a husband and wife team. They are committed to honesty, connecting people with the healing power of plants, 100% all natural ingredients and 100% customer satisfaction. I’ve strayed from Saje only to be disappointed. 

Here’s the list of what own and love. (Remember these prices are in Canadian dollar and shipping is free on orders over $75) check out Saje .

 I have 3 nebulizers. I have 2 of the Aroma Breeze nebulizers, 1 in my bedroom and 1 in the kitchen. 

The Aroma Breeze is good for large rooms. 

I was gifted the Aroma Geni for Christmas. This one moves around from various bathroom. I like to use it primarily in my bathroom while getting ready. 

Onto my favorite blends. These are the oils that you put into your nebulizers with water. 

Wellbeing is my go to bedtime blend. 


For a day time blend I use Liquid Sunshine for an uplift, Quick Study for focus and Yoga for a mellow feel. 

People always ask me where I bought my Yoga Antibacterial Mat spray during yoga class. I use this spray after class on my mats and it’s heavenly. Seriously, this should be a body mist too. 

After my yoga class I spray my Namaste spray. I also have the Yoga transition spray, but I prefer to use Namaste after Yoga class. 

During the day I sometimes use various sprays;  Energy, Refresh & Unwind.

Peppermint Halo is great for headaches. 

    I also love Quick Study for a quick pick me up. 

And for my little girl I use Fairy Mist (and make a big deal about spritzing around her bed) and Aroma Fairy roller. 


And the Rolling Pharmacy is great to keep on hand. 

After writing all this out, I really seem to have a Saje addiction! I’m placing another order soon and testing out some new products which I will review soon. I hope you give them a try, this is a brand I believe 100% in. 


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